• Commercial Data Warehouse or No Commercial Data Warehouse ?

    Generate Insights from Raw Data in a matter of minutes. It’s as simple as -
    Load Data → Get Insights. Data Model designed specifically for Life Science and Medical Devices.

  • Future of Work Meets Future of Intelligence

    A Single Integrated Platform Designed to provide decision makers get a Specific Answer to a Specific Question.

  • Meet Mr.Fun (Bot) - Your Chief Intelligence Officer

    You have a question, Mr.Fun has an answer. Ask Mr.Fun a question in simple English and get your answer in Simple English.

  • Everybody is a Data Scientist

    Fundae let’s Data Scientist focus on creating models, while automating the execution and QC of those Models.

  • Data Not Supported. What is that?

    Fundae supports all data sets required to make a quality business decision,
    from Sales Transactions to Complex Organization Structures (RDT) to Contract Data

  • Leverage the power of fundae’s engine and build apps within fundae ecosystem or integrate fundae in your applications.

Intelligence Delivered On Demand

Fundae equips key decision makers to get answers to specific business question as and when they need it. Decision Makers do not have to wait for periodic data processing or data run. Insights are generated on demand and available as soon as data is loaded in fundae. Insights are delivered in a form best understood by a user - from Simple table to complex charts to multi layered maps.

Future of Work meets Future of intelligence

Fundae provides a completely integrated cloud based solution with both downstream and upstream integration.The current solutions in the market are consulting services driven and rely on existing BI platforms to deliver analytics and can only meet ~20% of the functionality offered by fundae Compared to existing solutions - fundae provides 10x more value and reduces the cost by 4x.



Leverage the power of fundae either by integrating it with your application or build Apps on top of fundae

vendors/data scientist/industryExpert
create Data science and
Machine Learning models and
deploy it in fundae
Fundae makes these
models available to all its customers
Customer shops for
models from various
vendors and subscribe
to the one's applicable to them